Introducing EveryBODY Games: Accessibility Reviews

Hey hey, Sarah Trager here. I am an individual – just like you, just like everybody. As individuals we have so very many things that make up who we are. I am an American, a woman, a wife, a gamer…none of things singularly make up who I am but I wouldn’t be who I am without each one. One of the things I am is disabled. I am missing most of my fingers and both of my legs. I wear prosthetics. I have faced so many challenges because of my disability…from a very young age I had to learn to how to do things differently. I am so blessed to have people in my life who helped me figure out how to do things the way I could; my dad patiently taught me how to do things like feed myself and tie my shoes, inventing things to lend extra help when I needed it (like special utensils and a modified baseball glove) and my mom helped me figure out ways to deal with things I couldn’t do in a “normal” way, like using a button-holer to button my clothing and a shoe horn to get my shoes on. Sometimes I needed something special to make it work, other times I just had to find my way to do it.

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